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PBT technicians.

Persons trained according to outlines approved by the state toxicologist, in the proper procedures for certifying PBT instruments shall be certified as PBT technicians. Their responsibilities will include performing periodic certification and maintaining records on such certification. Wallet sized permits shall be issued to persons so qualified. The certification received on successful completion of the training must be renewed every three years. Persons certified as evidential breath test instrument technicians as described in chapter 448-16 WAC are also certified to perform all the duties of PBT technicians.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 46.61.506. WSR 08-05-029, § 448-15-060, filed 2/12/08, effective 3/14/08; WSR 99-06-047, § 448-15-060, filed 3/1/99, effective 4/1/99.]