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Chapter 446-20 WAC


WAC Sections

General applicability.
Convictions under appeal or review.
Deferred prosecutions.
Criminal justice agencies.
Certification of agencies.
Inspection—Individual's right to review record.
Inspection—Forms to be made available.
Inspection of record by the subject of record.
Inspection—Timeliness and manner of agency response.
Challenge—Individual's right to challenge.
Challenge—Forms to be made available.
Challenge—Agency to make determination.
Correction of erroneous information.
Review of refusal to alter record.
Secondary dissemination.
Dissemination pursuant to contract for services.
Dissemination—Research purposes.
Disclosure to assist victim.
Protection from accidental loss or injury.
Protection against unauthorized access.
Personnel security.
Personnel training.
Contractor personnel clearances.
Auditing of criminal history record information systems.
Establishment of procedures.
Employment—Conviction records.
Employment—Conviction records.
Form of request to inspect record.
Form of request to review refusal to modify record.
Model agreement for research, evaluative or statistical purposes.
Certification request.
Contract for support services model agreement under WAC 446-20-180.
CHRI challenge form.
Sex offender and kidnapping offender registration.
History retention.
Photograph/fingerprint requirement.
Change of address form.
Refundable fee.
Superintendent of public instruction—Prospective educational employees—Fees.
Department of social and health services—Child care licensing—Fees.
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