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WAC 434-260-300

Agency filings affecting this section

Maintaining certification as an election administrator.

After attaining initial certification the election administrator is responsible for maintaining his or her certification. Maintenance of certification shall consist of:
(1) Continuous service as an election administrator during the year for which maintenance is required;
(2) Participation in an annual minimum of eighteen hours of continuing education, at least six hours of which shall be on election-specific training. This training may be received at any election oriented workshop or conference sponsored by any of the organizations listed in WAC 434-260-220. In addition to receiving credit for participation in election workshops or conferences, election administrators may also receive a maximum of two hours for visiting other county election departments for training purposes and for any other training approved by the elections administration and certification board. A maximum of six hours, of the eighteen required, may be derived from a surplus of hours earned in the previous year.
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