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School bus specifications manual.

The Washington state school bus specifications manual is hereby incorporated into this chapter by reference. Prior to any revision of the school bus specification manual, the superintendent of public instruction shall serve notice to interested parties and shall hold at least one public meeting.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 46.61.380. WSR 12-01-075, § 392-143-015, filed 12/19/11, effective 1/19/12; WSR 04-08-117, § 392-143-015, filed 4/6/04, effective 5/7/04; WSR 84-20-081 (Order 84-39), § 392-143-015, filed 10/2/84; WSR 83-21-025 (Order 83-13), § 392-143-015, filed 10/10/83; Order 7-75, § 392-143-015, filed 12/22/75.]