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Last Update: 8/28/15

Chapter 392-138 WAC


WAC Sections

Formation of associated student bodies required.
PowersAuthority and policy of school boards.
Accounting procedures and records.
Segregation of public and private moneys.
Petty cash funds.
Compliance with bid law required.
Title to property—Dissolution of associated student body or affiliated group.
Fees optional noncredit extracurricular events.
Associated student body public moneys—Associated student body program budget.
Associated student body public moneys—Deposit and investment.
Associated student body public moneys—Imprest bank checking account.
Associated student body public moneys—Disbursement approval—Total disbursements.
Associated student body public moneys—League and other joint activities.
Nonassociated student body private moneys.
Nonassociated student body private moneys—Deposit and investment.
Nonassociated student body private moneys—Disbursement approval—Total disbursements.