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Last Update: 11/3/14

Chapter 392-137 WAC


WAC Sections

Nonresident attendance exempt from adjudication.
Student residence—Definition.
Resident district—Definition.
Nonresident district—Definition.
Release of students to nonresident districts.
Affecting condition—Ground for release.
Accessibility to work or child care—Ground for release.
Special condition—Ground for release.
Desegregation—Ground for denial of release.
Appeal to SPI—Denial of release.
Admission by nonresident district—Released students.
Appeal notice—Denial of release or admission.
Filing of notices of appeal.
Appeal to SPI—Denial of application by nonresident district.
Noncompliance with standards and procedures—Ground for admission.
Length of release.
Length of acceptance.
Residency of handicapped children—Special condition.
Transportation of students—Funding—Cooperative agreements.