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Chapter 391-95 WAC


WAC Sections

Scope—Contents—Other rules.
Sequence and numbering of rules—Special provisions.
Notice of union security obligation.
Assertion of right of nonassociation.
Special provision—State civil service employees.
Response by exclusive bargaining representative.
Special provision—State civil service employees—Response of exclusive bargaining representative.
Disputes resolved by commission.
Special provision—State civil service employees—Disputes resolved by commission.
Petition in writing—Number of copies—Filing—Service.
Contents of petition.
Escrow of disputed funds.
Special provision—State civil service employees—Escrow of funds.
Deficiency notice—Preliminary ruling.
Notice of hearing.
Examiner—Who may act.
Settlement conference.
Hearings—Reopening of hearing—Briefs.
Examiner decision.
Withdrawal or modification of examiner decision.
Commission action on appeals.
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