Chapter 388-826 WAC

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388-826-0001What is the purpose of the voluntary placement program?
388-826-0010Who is eligible for the voluntary placement program?
388-826-0015Who else may be eligible to participate in the voluntary placement program?
388-826-0020How does the family, whose child is a client of DDD request access to the VPP?
388-826-0025What is the process for a child or youth who transfers from children's administration to get into the VPP?
388-826-0030How is a decision made for out-of-home placement?
388-826-0035How is a decision made regarding participation in the voluntary placement program?
388-826-0040What is a voluntary placement agreement?
388-826-0045What happens after a voluntary placement agreement is signed, what are the legal issues and who is responsible?
388-826-0050Is there an ongoing court process when the child is in out-of-home placement and how does the process work?
388-826-0055What basic services may a child receive from the voluntary placement program?
388-826-0060Are there other services a child may receive in this program?
388-826-0065What can parents expect if they use in-home supports under this program?
388-826-0070What is the responsibility of the department for the child who is in out-of-home care?
388-826-0075What are the responsibilities of the parents when their child receives services in the voluntary placement program?
388-826-0077Are there limits to the respite care I can receive if I receive voluntary placement services?
388-826-0080What are the expectations for parents when their child is in out-of-home care?
388-826-0085What other DDD services are available for a child through the voluntary placement program?
388-826-0090What does a parent do with the child's Social Security benefits when the parent's child lives outside the parent's home?
388-826-0095Who pays for a child's care when a child is in out-of-home placement?
388-826-0129What are the residential settings that DDD uses to provide voluntary placement program services?
388-826-0130How does DDD determine the rate that is paid to support a child in a licensed foster home?
388-826-0135When does DDD administer the foster care rate assessment tool?
388-826-0136How often does DDD administer the foster care rate assessment tool?
388-826-0138What questions are asked in the foster care rate assessment tool and how are the licensed foster home provider's answers scored?
388-826-0145How does DDD determine the foster care level from the raw score?
388-826-0150What happens if the level assigned to the child changes?
388-826-0160What limitations exist on administrative hearings regarding foster care payments in VPP?
388-826-0170How are rates for licensed staffed residential homes determined in VPP?
388-826-0175How does DDD determine the rate that is paid to support a child in a licensed group care facility?
388-826-0200What happens if the voluntary placement ends?
388-826-0210When the child leaves the voluntary placement program for any reason, what DDD services are available to the child and family when voluntary placement ends?
388-826-0220Will a child or youth continue to receive special education or early intervention services while in VPP?
388-826-0230What happens after a youth turns eighteen?
388-826-0240What happens if a parent disagrees with a decision made by DDD?
388-826-0250Does DDD make exceptions to the requirements in this chapter?
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