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Chapter 388-478 WAC


WAC Sections

Cash assistance need and payment standards and grant maximum.
The clothing, personal maintenance, and necessary incidentals (CPI) payment standard for cash assistance.
Households with obligations to pay shelter costs.
Need standards for cash assistance.
Payment standards for TANF, SFA, and RCA.
What are the payment standards for pregnant women assistance (PWA)?
What are the payment standards for aged, blind, or disabled (ABD) cash assistance?
What are the maximum earned income limits for TANF, SFA, PWA and RCA?
Payment standards for ongoing additional requirements.
How much do I get from my state supplemental payments (SSP)?
Adjustments to the SSI state supplement payments (SSP).
What are the income limits and maximum benefit amounts for basic food?
What are the monthly income limits for the aged, blind, or disabled (ABD) cash assistance and housing and essential needs (HEN) referral program?
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