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Chapter 388-460 WAC


WAC Sections

Who may be issued cash, child care, medical and Basic Food benefits?
Can I choose someone to apply for Basic Food for my assistance unit?
Do I have an authorized representative for Basic Food if I live in a treatment center or group home?
Who will the department not allow as an authorized representative for Basic Food?
Who is a protective payee?
Who can be a protective payee?
When is an emergency or temporary protective payee (TANF/SFA) used?
When is a protective payee assigned for mismanagement of funds?
When does the department assign a protective payee assigned to TANF/SFA or PWA pregnant or parenting minors?
When is a client transferred from a protective payee to guardianship?
What are the protective payee's responsibilities?
When are protective payee plans done?
When is the protective payee status ended and how is a protective payee changed?
What are your fair hearing rights regarding protective payment?
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