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Am I eligible for COPES-funded services?

You are eligible for COPES-funded services if you meet all of the following criteria. The department must assess your needs in CARE and determine that:
(1) You are age:
(a) Eighteen or older and blind or have a disability, as defined in WAC 182-512-0050; or
(b) Sixty-five or older.
(2) You meet financial eligibility requirements. This means the department will assess your finances and determine if your income and resources fall within the limits set in WAC 182-515-1505, community options program entry system (COPES).
(3) Your CARE assessment shows you need and are eligible for:
(a) The level of care provided in a nursing facility (or will likely need the level of care within thirty days unless COPES services are provided) which is defined in WAC 388-106-0355(1); and
(b) A COPES waiver service.
(5) You continue to receive at least one monthly waiver service.
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