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Chapter 388-101D WAC


WAC Sections

Residential services contract.
Service provider responsibilities.
Staffing requirements.
Liability insurance required.
Liability insurance requiredCommercial general liability insurance or business liability insurance coverage.
Liability insurance requiredProfessional liability insurance coverage.
Administrative documents.
Administrator responsibilities and training.
Policies and procedures.
Background checkGeneral.
Background checksNational fingerprint background checks.
Background checksRequirements for service providers.
Background checksProvisional hirePending results.
Training requirements.
Long-term care worker requirements.
Staff training.
Staff training before working alone with clients.
Staff training within four weeks of employment.
Staff training within six months of employment.
Staff training to be current.
Certified community residential services and supportsGeneral training requirements.
Approval of staff-coverage schedules.
Client rights.
Treatment of clients.
Residential guidelines.
Client services.
Client health services support.
Medical devices.
Nurse delegation.
Client transportation.
Physical and safety requirements.
Services to nonclients.
Community protection clients and other clients in the same household.
Client refusal to participate in services.
Changes in client service needsNonemergent.
Changes in client service needsEmergent.
Service provider refusal to serve a client.
Individual support plan.
Development of the individual instruction and support plan.
Documentation of the individual instruction and support plan.
Implementation of the individual instruction and support plan.
Accessibility of the individual instruction and support plan.
Ongoing updating of the individual instruction and support plan.
Shared expenses and client related funds.
Individual financial plan.
Managing client funds.
Using client funds for health services.
Reconciling and verifying client accounts.
Combining service provider and client funds.
Client bankbooks and bankcards.
Client financial records.
Transferring client funds.
Client loans.
Client reimbursement.
Client payment.
Medication servicesGeneral.
MedicationTypes of support.
Medication assistance.
Medication administrationNurse delegation.
Medication administration.
Medication refusal.
Storage of medications.
Medication organizers.
Disposal of medications.
Psychoactive medication assessment.
Psychoactive medication treatment plan.
Psychoactive medication monitoring.
Psychoactive medicationsOther.
Confidentiality of client records.
Charging for searching and duplicating records.
Retention of client records.
Contents of client records.
Client's property records.
Record entries.
Positive behavior support.
Functional assessment.
Positive behavior support plan.
Client protection.
Group home providers.
Restrictive procedures.
Restrictive procedures approval.
Physical intervention systems.
Physical interventions.
Restrictive physical interventions.
Physical intervention training.
Mechanical and chemical restraints.
Monitoring physical and mechanical restraints.
Community protectionApproval.
Community protectionPolicies and procedures.
Community protectionTreatment team meetings.
Community protectionStaff training.
Community protectionTreatment plan.
Community protectionClient records.
Community protectionClient transportation.
Community protectionProgram residential location.
Community protectionReducing a client's restrictions.
Community protectionLeaving the program against treatment team advice.
Crisis diversionAccess to services.
Crisis diversion bed servicesLocation.
Crisis diversion bed servicesServices and activities.
Crisis diversion bed servicesTreatment plan.
Crisis diversion bed and support service providersClient records.
Crisis diversion bed servicesClient records.
Crisis diversion support servicesLocation.
Crisis diversion support servicesServices and activities.
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