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Chapter 388-01 WAC


WAC Sections

What definitions apply to this chapter?
What are the purposes of this chapter?
Does any provision in this title create a cause of action?
How is DSHS organized?
What public records are available?
Who should be contacted to request a public record?
How may an individual request a public record?
When may a public record be inspected?
Does DSHS charge for inspecting or providing public records?
When and how must DSHS respond to a public record request?
When may DSHS need to extend the time to respond to a public record request?
What if a requester disputes production time estimates?
What if the public record contains information that is exempt from public disclosure?
What are a requester's options if DSHS denies a public record request?
If a public record identifies or pertains to an individual or organization, other than the requester, is that individual or organization notified?
May a third party request a client's record?
Is DSHS required to create public records for requesters?
May DSHS release information or public records outside of the Public Records Act?
Who should an individual contact to review or get a copy of an interpretive or policy statement index?
How can an individual get an index of DSHS significant decisions?
How may an individual file a petition for declaratory order by DSHS?
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