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Chapter 363-11 WAC


WAC Sections

General rule and information.
Appearance and practice before agency—Who may appear.
Appearance and practice before agency—Appearance in certain proceedings may be limited to attorneys.
Appearance and practice before agency—Solicitation of business unethical.
Appearance and practice before agency—Standards of ethical conduct.
Appearance and practice before agency—Appearance by former employee of board or member of attorney general's staff.
Appearance and practice before agency—Former employee as expert witness.
Adoption of the model rules of procedure.
Depositions and interrogatories—Right to take.
Depositions and interrogatories—Scope.
Depositions and interrogatories—Officer before whom taken.
Depositions and interrogatories—Authorization.
Depositions and interrogatories—Protection of parties and deponents.
Depositions and interrogatories.
Depositions and interrogatories—Recordation.
Depositions and interrogatories—Use and effect.
Depositions and interrogatories in contested cases—Fees of officers and deponents.
Depositions upon interrogatories—Submission of interrogatories.
Depositions upon interrogatories—Attestation and return.
Official notice—Matters of law.
Official notice—Material facts.
Stipulations and admissions of record.
Adjudicative hearings—Testimony.
Scope of discovery, relevant documents for hearings and record of proceedings.
Excerpts from documentary evidence.
Expert or opinion testimony—Number and qualifications of witnesses.
Expert or opinion testimony—Written sworn statements.
Expert or opinion testimony—Supporting data.
Expert or opinion testimony and testimony based on economic or statistical data—Effect of noncompliance with WAC 363-11-470 or 363-11-480.
Rules of evidence—Admissibility criteria.
Rules of evidence—Tentative admission—Exclusion—Discontinuance—Objections.
Petitions for rule making, amendment or repeal—Who may petition.
Petitions for rule making, amendment or repeal—Requisites.
Petitions for rule making, amendment or repeal—Agency must consider.
Petitions for rule making, amendment or repeal—Notice of disposition.
Declaratory rulings.
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