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Chapter 308-48 WAC


WAC Sections

Retired status certificate of registration.
Care of human remains.
Funeral establishment facility, equipment, and embalming and preparation room standards.
Control of human remains.
Against concealment of crime.
Display of licenses.
Improper use of license.
Funeral establishments and crematories—Inspections.
Application for examination and reciprocity.
Licensing examination.
Approval of embalming schools and accrediting associations.
Course of training—Funeral director intern.
Course of training—Embalmer interns.
Renewal of licenses, registrations, endorsements and permits.
Report of internship registration, termination, transfer and credit.
Establishment licensure.
AIDS prevention and information education requirements.
Continuing education requirements—Purpose.
Effective date of continuing education requirement.
Continuing education basic requirement—Amount.
Continuing education requirement to reinstate lapsed license or registration.
Continuing education reporting requirement.
Continuing education documentation may be required.
Continuing education discretionary exception for emergency situation.
Board approval of continuing education activities.
Qualification for board approval of continuing education activities.
Procedure for obtaining board approval of continuing education activity.
Funeral director/embalmer fees.
Brief adjudicative proceedings—When they can be used.
Objections to brief adjudicative proceedings and conversion to formal adjudicative hearings.
Funeral director and embalmer interns.
Intern sponsors—Qualifications, limitations and responsibilities.
Registered intern examination.
Leave of absence—Interns.
Transporting of human remains.
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