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Last Update: 9/2/15

Chapter 308-125 WAC


WAC Sections

Application process to take examination.
Application process to register as a real estate appraiser trainee.
Examination prerequisite general classification.
Examination prerequisite state-certified residential classification.
Examination prerequisite state-licensed classification.
Educational courses—Preexamination.
Experience requirements.
Allowed credits for appraisal experience.
Application for certification.
Temporary practice.
Continuing education required.
Responsibilities of the appraiser supervisor.
Course approval requirements.
Business location and/or physical address and mailing address.
Fees and charges.
Application, certification, licensure, and reexamination.
Passing exam score.
Examination procedures.
Exceptions to chapter 18.140 RCW.
Examination required—Scope.
Standards of practice.
Required records—Accessibility of records to the department of licensing.