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WAC 296-800-310


Your responsibility: To provide and maintain emergency exit routes and to install and maintain adequate employee alarm systems.
An employer who demonstrates compliance with the exit route provisions of NFPA 101-2009, the Life Safety Code, will be in compliance with the corresponding requirements of this section.
Exit routes:
You must:
Provide an adequate number of exit routes.
Make sure that exit routes are large enough.
Make sure that exit routes meet their specific design and construction requirements.
Make sure that each exit route leads outside.
Provide unobstructed access to exit routes.
Exit doors must be readily opened from the inside.
Use side-hinged doors to connect rooms to exit routes.
Provide outdoor exit routes that meet requirements.
Minimize danger to employees while they are using emergency exit routes.
Mark exits adequately.
Provide adequate lighting for exit routes and signs.
Maintain the fire retardant properties of paints or other coatings.
Maintain emergency safeguards.
Maintain exit routes during construction and repair.
Provide doors in freezer or refrigerated rooms that open from the inside.
Employee alarm systems:
You must:
Install and maintain an appropriate employee alarm system.
Establish procedures for sounding emergency alarms.
Test the employee alarm system.
This rule does not apply to vehicles, vessels, or other mobile structures.
The introduction has important information about building, electrical and fire codes that may apply to you in addition to WISHA rules. See "How do the WISHA rules relate to building, fire, and electrical codes" in the introduction section of this book.
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