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Classification assignment.

(1) How are classifications assigned to my business?
We will assign a basic classification or classifications to your business based on the nature of your business operation(s) in the state of Washington. We will not assign classifications to your business based on the individual operations, duties or occupations of individuals found within your business unless the basic classification assigned to your business either requires or permits a separate classification treatment for specified operations or employments. Exceptions to this approach are outlined in WAC 296-17-31017 and 296-17-31018.
(2) Does this same classification approach apply if I have several businesses?
This classification approach will apply to each separate legal entity. Each separate legal entity will be classified on its own merits.
(3) How do you decide what classification(s) to assign to my business?
To determine what classification(s) to assign to your business, we need enough information to give us a clear understanding of the precise nature of your business and the hazards your business poses to your workers. In some cases we will need to call you to obtain more detailed information about your business. Occasionally one of our field representatives may visit your business to gain a better understanding of the nature of your business. In most cases we will find a classification that specifically describes your business.
Example: You operate a company that sells baked goods to retail customers. Before we can classify your business we need to determine whether you bake the goods you are selling or are simply selling goods another business has baked. Once we have determined the precise nature of your business, we will review all of the available classifications to find the one that best describes the entire business. If the business has baked the products they are selling, we would consider a bakery classification or maybe a restaurant classification. If your business simply sells baked goods that another business made, we may look at a retail store classification. In most cases we will find a classification that specifically describes the business we are classifying.
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