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Chapter 296-127 WAC


WAC Sections

Definitions for chapter 296-127 WAC.
Time for determining prevailing wage.
Scope of work descriptions.
Certified asbestos abatement workers.
Heat and frost insulators and asbestos workers.
Brick masons.
Building service employees (janitors, waxers, and window washers).
Cabinet makers.
Carpenter tenders.
Carpet and resilient floor layers.
Cement masons.
Diver and diver tender.
Drywall applicators (drywall nailers and sheetrock installers).
Drywall finishers (tapers).
Power line construction electricians.
Electronic technicians.
Inside wireman electrician.
Electrician-motor shop.
Electrical fixture maintenance workers.
Elevator constructors.
Fence erectors and fence laborers.
Hod carriers, mason tenders, and mortarmen.
Heating equipment mechanics.
Industrial power vacuum cleaner.
Inland boatmen.
Insulation applicators.
Laborers in utilities construction.
Clean-up laborers.
Landscape construction.
Marble setters.
Metal fabricators.
Operating engineers (equipment operators).
Pile drivers.
Playground and park equipment installers.
Plumbers, pipefitters, and steamfitters.
Ready mix truck drivers.
Refrigeration mechanic.
Remote controlled cleaning, inspection and sealing of underground sewer and water systems.
Sheet metal workers.
Sign makers and sign installers.
Sprinkler fitters.
Stone masons.
Outside telephone line construction.
Telecommunication technicians.
Terrazzo (artificial marble) workers.
Terrazzo workers' helpers, tile and marble setters' helpers (finishers).
Tile setters.
Traffic control stripers.
Power line clearance tree trimming.
Utilities construction (underground sewers and water lines).
Water well drillers, exploration drillers, water well pump installers, and equipment oilers.
Stage rigging mechanics (nonstructural).
Street sweepers (nonconstruction).
Tinting and coating installer.
Construction site surveyor.
Truck drivers.
Usual benefits.
Information concerning prevailing wage usual benefits.
Applicability of prevailing wages for supervisors.
Notice of wage determinations.
Coverage and exemptions of workers involved in the production and delivery of gravel, concrete, asphalt, or similar materials.
Survey methodology.
Interpretation of phrases used in chapter 39.12 RCW.
Apprentice worker.
Overtime according to RCW 49.28.065.
Building service maintenance.
Applicability of joint federal-state standards.
Exemptions for sole owners and their spouses, partnerships, corporations, and employees of public agencies.
Irrigation district exemption.
Statement of intent to pay prevailing wages.
Affidavit of wages paid.
Filing of statements of intent to pay prevailing wages and affidavits of wages paid for contracts under two thousand five hundred dollars.
Director of department of labor and industries to arbitrate disputesGeneral provisions.
Requests for arbitration.
Conduct of arbitration hearing.
Filing of complaint.
Investigation of complaint.
Notice of violation.
Appeal of notice of violation.
Hearing on notice of violation.
Effect of final decision finding a violation of RCW 39.12.065.
Filing of lien against retainage or bonds.
Surety bond payable to director.
Suit against retainage and bonds.
Distribution of recovery.
Filing and service.
List of violators.
Application for a subprevailing wage certificate.
Conditions for granting a subprevailing wage certificate.
Issuance of a subprevailing wage certificate.
Terms of subprevailing wage certificate.
Renewal of subprevailing wage certificate.
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