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Chapter 284-54 WAC


WAC Sections

Purpose and authority.
Applicability and scope.
Definitions of terms used in this chapter and chapter 48.84 RCW.
Standards for definitions applicable to long-term care contracts.
Minimum standards for benefit triggers—Physician certification, activities of daily living, and cognitive impairments.
Minimum standards—General.
Minimum standards—Gatekeeping provisions.
Reduction of coverage.
Nonduplication with state or national health care benefits.
Prohibition against preexisting conditions and probationary periods in replacement policies or certificates.
Minimum standards for community based care benefits in long-term care insurance policies.
Grace period.
Unintentional lapse.
Extension of benefits.
Requirement to offer inflation protection.
Information to be furnished, style.
Form to be used—Long-term care insurance disclosure form.
Format of long-term care contracts.
Loss ratio requirements.
Loss ratio definitions.
Loss ratio—Grouping of contract forms.
Loss ratio requirements—Individual contract forms.
Loss ratio experience records.
Evaluating loss ratio experience data.
Loss ratio—Special circumstances.
Unfair or deceptive acts.
Chapter not exclusive.
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