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Chapter 284-50 WAC


WAC Sections

Title and purpose.
Method of disclosure of required information.
Form and content of advertisements.
Deceptive words, phrases, or illustrations prohibited.
Exceptions, reductions, and limitations to be disclosed.
Preexisting conditions.
Disclosure of provisions relating to renewability, cancellability, and termination.
Testimonials or endorsements by third parties.
Use of statistics.
Identification of plan or number of policies.
Disparaging comparisons and statements.
Jurisdictional licensing and status of insurer.
Identity of insurer.
Group or quasi-group implications.
Introductory, initial, or special offers.
Reduced initial premium rates.
Statements about an insurer.
Advertising file to be maintained.
Violation defined as unfair practice.
Severability provision.
Effective date.
PKU formula coverage requirements and exceptions.
Mammograms—Coverage requirements and exceptions.
Applicability and scope.
Effective date.
Policy definitions.
Prohibited policy provisions.
Discretionary clauses prohibited.
Minimum standards for benefits.
General rules as to minimum standards.
Basic hospital expense coverage.
Basic medical-surgical expense coverage.
Hospital confinement indemnity coverage.
Major medical expense coverage.
Disability income protection coverage.
Accident only coverage.
Specified disease and specified accident coverage.
Limited benefit health insurance coverage.
Required disclosure provisions, general rules.
Experimental and investigational prescriptions, treatments, procedures, or service—Definition required—Standard for definition—Written notice of denial required—Appeal process required.
Outline of coverage requirements for individual coverages.
Basic hospital expense coverage, outline of coverage.
Basic medical-surgical expense coverage, outline of coverage.
Basic hospital and medical surgical expense coverage, outline of coverage.
Hospital confinement indemnity coverage, outline of coverage.
Major medical expense coverage, outline of coverage.
Disability income protection coverage, outline of coverage.
Accident only coverage, outline of coverage.
Specified disease or specified accident coverage, outline of coverage.
Limited benefit health coverage, outline of coverage.
Requirements for replacement.
Standard disclosure form for individual policies—Illness-triggered fixed payment insurance, hospital confinement fixed payment insurance, or other fixed payment insurance.
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