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WAC 250-61-160

Discontinuance or closure requirements.

(1) In the event an institution plans to discontinue a program and/or site currently available to Washington residents, but maintain other operations, it shall notify the council immediately and provide information to the council pertaining to accommodations to be made for any currently enrolled students to ensure they are provided the opportunity to complete their studies. Institutions may be subject to additional reporting requirements as specified by the council.
(2) In the event an institution plans to discontinue all its operations in Washington, the chief administrative officer of the institution shall:
(a) Notify the council immediately by certified mail and email; and
(b) Furnish enrolled students with a written notice explaining the reasons for closure and what procedures they are to follow to secure refunds and their official records, and what arrangements have been made for providing continuing instruction at other institutions; and
(c) The institution shall make all reasonable efforts to ensure that current students are provided with alternative opportunities to complete their studies; and
(d) Submit to the council the following:
(i) A timeline for the planned discontinuance of operations including the planned closure date; and
(ii) A list of all students currently enrolled in program(s) of study at the Washington locations showing student name, contact information, program name, number of credits completed, and number of credits remaining for program completion; and
(iii) The total number of students currently enrolled in each program of study for each site at which the program is offered; and
(iv) The alternative opportunities for program completion provided by the institution for students currently enrolled in programs of study; and
(v) A copy of all information regarding the closure that is provided to students, administrators, and faculty at the Washington locations; and
(vi) A copy of all documents provided by the institution's accrediting agency related to the closure; and
(vii) A copy of any signed transfer agreement; and
(viii) A copy of any signed teach-out agreement; and
(ix) Electronic copies of transcripts for all current and past students; and
(x) A plan for the maintenance of student records.
(3) Upon discontinuance of all Washington operations, the institution shall:
(a) Submit a list of all students enrolled in program(s) of study at the Washington locations showing student name, contact information, program name, number of credits completed, number of credits remaining for program completion, and the alternative opportunities selected for program completion by each student; and
(b) Provide for the permanent maintenance of official records; and submit the following:
(i) Contact information for the location where records for Washington students will be maintained; and
(ii) A description of the method and language used to inform students as to how final transcripts may be obtained.
(4) In the event it appears to the council that the official records of an institution discontinuing its operations are in danger of being destroyed, secreted, mislaid, or otherwise made unavailable to the students and the council, the council may seek a court order to take possession of the records and provide for their permanent maintenance.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 28B.76.120 and 28B.85.020. WSR 17-09-041, § 250-61-160, filed 4/14/17, effective 5/15/17; WSR 15-02-021, § 250-61-160, filed 12/30/14, effective 1/30/15; WSR 09-02-008, § 250-61-160, filed 12/29/08, effective 1/29/09. Statutory Authority: RCW 28B.80.370. WSR 95-01-003, § 250-61-160, filed 12/8/94, effective 1/8/95; WSR 86-24-003 (Order 7/86, Resolution No. 87-34), § 250-61-160, filed 11/20/86.]
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