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246-976-960  <<  246-976-970 >>   246-976-990

Local emergency medical services and trauma care councils.

(1) If a county or group of counties creates a local EMS/TC council, it must be composed of representatives of hospital and prehospital trauma care and EMS providers, local elected officials, consumers, local law enforcement officials, local government agencies, physicians, and prevention specialists involved in the delivery of EMS/TC.
(2) In addition to meeting the requirements of chapter 70.168 RCW and this chapter, local EMS/TC councils must:
(a) Participate with the MPD and emergency communication centers in making recommendations to the regional council about the development of regional patient care procedures; and
(b) Review applications for initial training classes and OTEP programs, and make recommendations to the department.
(3) Local EMS/TC councils may make recommendations to the department regarding certification and termination of MPDs, as provided in RCW 18.71.205(4).
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