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Chapter 246-254 WAC


WAC Sections

Purpose and scope.
Payment of fees.
Small business discount provision and optional fee payment schedule applicable to radioactive materials licensees.
Denial, revocation, suspension, and reinstatement.
Method of payment.
Radiation machine facility registration fees.
Fees for specialized radioactive material licenses.
Fees for medical and veterinary radioactive material use.
Fees for industrial radioactive material licenses.
Fees for laboratory radioactive material licenses.
Fees for reciprocity.
Fees for licensing and compliance actions.
Radioactive waste disposal site surveillance fee.
Fees for uranium, thorium and other mineral processors.
Fees for perpetual care and maintenance.
Fees for airborne emissions of radioactive materials.
Low-level radioactive waste site use permit fees for generator or broker.
Failure by applicant or licensee to pay prescribed fees.
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