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Chapter 220-450 WAC


WAC Sections

Criteria for planting aquatic plants and releasing wildlife.
Revocation, modification, or suspension of a permit to hold wild animals, wild birds, or game fish in captivity.
Live wildlifeTaking from the wild, importation, possession, transfer, and holding in captivity.
Live wildlife—Facility, fencing, and marking requirements.
Sale of fish and wildlife by zoos and aquariums.
Definitions—Oiled-wildlife and wildlife rehabilitation permits.
Wildlife rehabilitation permits—Requirements and restrictions.
Wildlife rehabilitation—Responsibilities of primary permittees and subpermittees.
Wildlife rehabilitation—Permit revocation, modification, or suspension.
Wildlife rehabilitation—Facility requirements and inspections—On- and off-site care.
Wildlife rehabilitation—Releasing wildlife.
Wildlife rehabilitation—Veterinary care.
Wildlife rehabilitation—Records retention and reporting requirements.
Wildlife rehabilitation—Falconers assisting with raptor rehabilitation.
Wildlife rehabilitation—Transfer, import, and export of wildlife.
Wildlife rehabilitation—Possession of dead wildlife and wildlife parts.
Wildlife rehabilitation—Disposition of nonreleasable and habituated, imprinted, and tamed wildlife.
Wildlife rehabilitation—Euthanizing protected, threatened, or endangered wildlife and migratory birds.
Wildlife rehabilitation—Disposing of wildlife remains.
Wildlife rehabilitation—Prohibition on commercial uses.
Oiled bird rehabilitation—Facility requirements.
Reporting receipt, death, carcass retention, and release of oiled birds.
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