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Chapter 220-420 WAC


WAC Sections

Falconry definitions.
Falconry and captive propagation of raptors permitted.
Reporting falconry activities.
Permits to practice falconry.
Master falconer classes of permit.
General falconer classes of permit and permitted raptors.
Apprentice falconer classes of permit and permitted raptors.
Revocation, modifications, or suspension of falconry permits.
Reinstatement of an expired falconry permit.
New Washington residents from outside the United States.
Nonresident falconers in Washington.
Falconers moving to Washington.
Falconers moving out of Washington.
Transport of raptors out-of-state.
Acquisition, transfer, release, loss, or banding of a raptor.
Take from the wild.
Take of nestling at nest site.
Capture of marked raptors.
Acquiring a raptor for falconry from a permitted rehabilitator.
Raptors injured due to falconer trapping efforts.
Banding or microchip tagging raptors used in falconry.
Designation as a wild raptor.
Captive propagation of raptors.
Hacking of falconry raptors.
Closed areas for raptor trapping and practicing falconry.
Transfer, selling, or trading raptors under a falconry permit.
Facilities are required for possession of falconry or abatement raptors.
Falconry facilities on property not owned by falconry permittee.
Facilities and care requirements and guidelines.
Required equipment.
Facilities for a raptor when in transport, using it for hunting, or are away from facilities, and temporary housing.
Care of falconry raptors by another person.
Abatement activities with captive raptors.
Flying a hybrid raptor in falconry.
Use of falconry raptors in education programs.
Other uses of falconry raptors.
Feathers molted by falconry raptors.
Disposition of carcasses of falconry raptors that die.
Provisions for accidental take by falconers.
Falconers assisting in rehabilitation of raptors to prepare them for release.
Releasing a falconry raptor to the wild permanently.
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