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Chapter 220-330 WAC


WAC Sections

ShellfishDaily limits.
Personal-use shellfish gearUnlawful acts.
Personal-use crab pot gear requirements.
CrabAreas and seasonsPersonal use.
CrabUnlawful actsPersonal use.
Personal-use shrimp pot gear requirements.
ShrimpAreas and seasons.
Shrimp containers.
Crawfish, abalone, sea urchins, sea cucumbers, goose barnaclesAreas and seasons, personal-use fishery.
Personal-use crab, shrimp, crawfishUnlawful acts.
Clams other than razor clams, musselsAreas and seasons.
Clams, oysters, musselsUnlawful acts.
Oysters and scallopsGear.
OystersAreas and seasons.
Oysters and clams on private tidelandsPersonal use.
Razor clamsAreas and seasons.
Razor clamsUnlawful acts.
Squid, octopus.
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