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WAC 200-300-075

Agency filings affecting this section

In-state preference bids.

The office of state procurement shall compile a list of each state, relating to state purchasing practices, whose statutes or regulations grant a preference to suppliers located within that state or goods manufactured within that state. This list shall be updated on an annual basis and shall include only those states with currently active in-state preference clauses for procuring goods and services and the list shall contain the percentage of preference allowed. States with only reciprocity legislation will not be included on the list. The office of state procurement shall compile the list and notify impacted state agency, college and university purchasing offices. In determining whether to assess a percentage increase against a bidder, and the amount of that increase, the purchasing activity will consider only the business address from which the bid or proposal was submitted. The purchasing activity will add the appropriate percentage increase to each bid or proposal bearing the address from a state with in-state preference rather than subtracting a like amount from Washington state bidders.
This action will be used only when evaluating bids or proposals for award. In no instance shall the increase be paid to a supplier whose bid is accepted.
This WAC section applies only to formal invitations for bid and requests for proposals solicited in accordance with chapter 43.19 RCW.
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