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Last Update: 2/18/14

Chapter 200-100 WAC


WAC Sections

Preamble and authority.
Standards for operation and management—Rules for individual self-insurance program.
Standards for operation and management—Rules for joint self-insurance programs.
Standards for operation—Membership.
Standards for operation—Providing services to nonmembers.
Standards for operation—Communication with members—Annual membership report.
Standards for operations—Meetings.
Standards for operation—Notice of regular meetings of the governing body.
Standards for operation—Special meetings—Notice to members.
Standards for operations—Meeting agendas—Meeting minutes.
Standards for operation—Notification of changes to bylaws or foundation agreement.
Standards for operation—Changes to foundation agreement.
Standards for operation—Elections of the governing body.
Standards for management and operation—Adoption of program.
Standards for solvency—Actuarially determined liabilities, program funding and liquidity requirements.
Standards for management and operations—Individual rate setting—Nondiscrimination in joint program assessments.
Standards for operations—Disclosures.
Standards for operations—Standards for solvency—Termination provisions.
Standards for management and operations—Financial plans.
Standards for management—Standards for contracts—Third-party administrator contracts.
Standards for management and operations—Preparation for incorporation of nonprofit corporation members.
Standards for operation and management—Risk management.
Standards for claims management—Claims administration.
Standards for management and operations—State risk manager reports.
Standards for operations—Program changes—Notification to the state risk manager.
Standards for management and operations—Conflict of interest.
Standards for operations—State risk manager—Expense and operating cost fees.
Standards for operations—Appeals of fees.
Standards for operations—Appeals of cease and desist orders.
Standards for contracts—Competitive solicitation standards for consultant contracts.
Standards for contracts—Standards for operation—Purchases of goods and services not related to claims.