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Chapter 192-310 WAC


WAC Sections

What reports are required from an employer?
When are tax payments by employers due? (RCW 50.24.010.)
How are payments applied?
What are the report and tax payment penalties and charges? (RCW 50.12.220.)
Employer reports—Failure to report or incorrectly reporting hours or wages.
How should employers report hours worked? (RCW 50.12.070.)
What records must every employer keep? (RCW 50.12.070.)
What additional records must farm operators or farm labor contractors keep? (RCW 50.04.155 and 50.12.070.)
Tips as wages.
Value of meals, lodging and in kind compensation—Payment by means other than cash—RCW 50.04.320.
When are performers in small performing arts industries who receive stipends not considered to be in employment? (RCW 50.04.275.)
When is "casual labor" exempt from unemployment insurance? (RCW 50.04.270.)
When are musicians and entertainers exempt from unemployment insurance? (RCW 50.04.148.)
What notices does the department require or recommend employers to post?
When is a corporate officer with at least ten percent ownership considered unemployed?
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