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Chapter 192-110 WAC


WAC Sections

May the department refuse to accept my claim, appeal or petition?
Applying for unemployment benefitsGeneral.
Applications for benefits by interstate claimants.
Applications by standby workersRCW 50.20.010.
When can a partially unemployed worker apply for benefits?RCW 50.04.310.
How will the department verify my identity?
How do I reopen my claim?
Prompt payment of benefits.
May I backdate my application for unemployment benefits (RCW 50.04.030)?
Establishing a new benefit yearRCW 50.04.030.
Applying for a combined wage claim.
May I cancel my claim?
May I have an individual with power of attorney or other authorization file an initial or weekly claim for benefits, testify in my place, or otherwise certify on my behalf?
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