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Home health servicesProvider payments.

(1) To be reimbursed, the home health provider must bill the medicaid agency according to the conditions of payment under WAC 182-502-0150 and other issuances.
(2) Payment to home health providers is:
(a) A set rate per visit for each discipline provided to a client;
(b) Based on the county location of the providing home health agency; and
(c) Updated by general vendor rate changes.
(3) For clients eligible for both medicaid and medicare, the medicaid agency may pay for services described in this chapter only when medicare does not cover those services. The maximum payment for each service is medicaid's maximum payment.
(4) Providers must submit documentation to the medicaid agency during the home health agency's review period. Documentation includes, but is not limited to, the requirements listed in WAC 182-551-2210.
(5) After the medicaid agency receives the documentation, the medicaid agency's medical director or designee reviews the client's medical records for program compliance and quality of care.
(6) The medicaid agency may take back or deny payment for any insufficiently documented home health care service when the department's medical director or designee determines that:
(a) The service did not meet the conditions described in WAC 182-550-2030; or
(b) The service was not in compliance with program policy.
(7) Covered home health services for clients enrolled in a Healthy Options managed care plan are paid for by that plan.
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