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Department prior authorization requirements for Level 1 and Level 2 LTAC services.

(1) The department requires prior authorization for Level 1 and Level 2 long term acute care (LTAC) inpatient stays. The prior authorization process includes all of the following:
(a) For an initial thirty-day stay:
(i) The client must:
(A) Be eligible under one of the programs listed in WAC 388-550-2575; and
(B) Require Level 1 or Level 2 LTAC services as defined in WAC 388-550-2570.
(ii) The LTAC provider of services must:
(A) Before admitting the client to the LTAC hospital, submit a request for prior authorization to the department by fax, electronic mail, or telephone, as published in the department's LTAC billing instructions;
(B) Include sufficient medical information to justify the requested initial stay;
(C) Obtain prior authorization from the department's medical director or designee, when accepting the client from the transferring hospital; and
(D) Meet all the requirements in WAC 388-550-2580.
(b) For any extension of stay, the criteria in (a) of this subsection must be met, and the LTAC provider of services must submit a request for the extension of stay to the department with sufficient medical justification.
(2) The department authorizes Level 1 or Level 2 LTAC services for initial stays or extensions of stay based on the client's circumstances and the medical justification received.
(3) A client who does not agree with a decision regarding a length of stay has a right to a fair hearing under chapter 388-02 WAC. After receiving a request for a fair hearing, the department may request additional information from the client and the facility, or both. After the department reviews the available information, the result may be:
(a) A reversal of the initial department decision;
(b) Resolution of the client's issue(s); or
(c) A fair hearing conducted per chapter 388-02 WAC.
(4) The department may authorize an administrative day rate payment for a client who meets one or more of the following. The client:
(a) Does not meet the requirements for Level 1 or Level 2 LTAC services;
(b) Is waiting for placement in another hospital or other facility; or
(c) If appropriate, is waiting to be discharged to the client's residence.
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