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182-532-520  <<  182-532-530 >>   182-532-533

Family planning only program—Covered yearly exams.

(1) The medicaid agency covers one of the following services per client per year, as medically necessary:
(a) A cervical, vaginal, and breast cancer screening exam; or
(b) A comprehensive prevention visit for family planning. (Under a delayed pelvic protocol, the comprehensive prevention visit for family planning may be split into two visits, per client, per year.)
(2) The cervical, vaginal, and breast cancer screening exam:
(a) Must be:
(i) Provided following the guidelines of a nationally recognized protocol; and
(ii) Conducted at the time of an office visit with a primary focus and diagnosis of family planning.
(b) May be billed by a provider other than a TAKE CHARGE provider.
(3) The comprehensive prevention visit for family planning:
(a) Must be provided by one or more qualified TAKE CHARGE trained providers. (See WAC 182-532-730.)
(b) Must include:
(i) A clinical breast examination and pelvic examination that follows the guidelines of a nationally recognized protocol; and
(ii) Client-centered counseling that incorporates risk factor reduction for unintended pregnancy and anticipatory guidance about the advantages and disadvantages of all contraceptive methods.
(c) May include:
(i) A pap smear according to current, nationally recognized clinical guidelines; and
(ii) For women ages thirteen through twenty-five, routine gonorrhea and chlamydia testing and treatment.
(d) Must be documented in the client's chart with detailed information that allows for a well-informed follow-up visit.
(e) Must be billed by a TAKE CHARGE provider only.
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