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Last Update: 10/1/15

Chapter 182-531 WAC


WAC Sections

Physician-related services definitions.
Scope of coverage for physician-related and health care professional servicesGeneral and administrative.
Noncovered physician-related and health care professional servicesGeneral and administrative.
Physician-related and health care professional services requiring prior authorization.
Who can provide and bill for physician-related and health care professional services.
Anesthesia providers and covered physician-related services.
Anesthesia servicesReimbursement for physician-related services.
Audiology services.
Client responsibility for reimbursement for physician-related services.
Critical carePhysician-related services.
Emergency physician-related services.
Experimental and investigational services.
HIV/AIDS counseling and testing as physician-related services.
Hospital physician-related services not requiring authorization when provided in department-approved centers of excellence or hospitals authorized to provide the specific services.
Inpatient chronic pain management physician-related services.
Inpatient hospital physician-related services.
Laboratory and pathology physician-related services.
Laboratory and pathology physician-related services reimbursement.
Neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) physician-related services.
Office and other outpatient physician-related services.
Ophthalmic services.
Manipulative therapy.
Out-of-state physician services.
Physician care plan oversight services.
Physician office medical supplies.
Physician standby services.
Foot care services for clients twenty-one years of age and older.
Prolonged physician-related service.
Psychiatric physician-related services and other professional mental health services.
Radiology physician-related services.
Sleep studies.
Sterilization physician-related services.
Bariatric surgery.
Outpatient hemophilia treatment requirementsCenter of excellence.
Substance abuse detoxification physician-related services.
Washington apple healthGender dysphoria treatment program.
Surgical physician-related services.
Alcohol and substance misuse counseling.
Tobacco cessation counseling.
Transplant coverage for physician-related services.
Transplant coverageMedical criteria to receive transplants.
Payment methodology for physician-related servicesGeneral and billing modifiers.
PaymentGeneral requirements for physician-related services.
Increased payments for physician-related services for qualified trauma cases.
Enhanced reimbursementIndependent advanced registered nurse practitioners (ARNPs).