Chapter 182-512 WAC

Last Update: 3/14/14


WAC Sections

Supplemental security income (SSI) standards; SSI-related categorically needy income level (CNIL); and countable resource standards.
SSI-related medicalGeneral information.
SSI-related medicalCategorically needy (CN) medical eligibility.
SSI-related medicalMedically needy (MN) medical eligibility.
SSI-related medicalDefinition of resources.
SSI-related medicalOwnership and availability of resources.
SSI-related medicalHow to count a sponsor's resources.
SSI-related medicalResources eligibility.
SSI-related medicalProperty and contracts excluded as resources.
SSI-related medicalVehicles excluded as resources.
SSI-related medicalLife insurance excluded as a resource.
SSI-related medicalBurial funds, contracts and spaces excluded as resources.
SSI-related medicalAll other excluded resources.
SSI-related medicalDefinition of income.
SSI-related medicalAvailable income.
SSI-related medicalIncome eligibility.
SSI-related medicalCountable unearned income.
SSI-related medicalEducation assistance.
SSI-related medicalAmerican Indian/Alaska Native excluded income and resources.
SSI-related medicalEmployment and training programs.
SSI-related medicalEffect of a sponsor's income.
SSI-related medicalExemption from sponsor deeming.
SSI-related medicalBudgeting a sponsor's income.
SSI-related medicalGeneral income exclusions.
SSI-related medicalChild-related income exclusions and allocations.
SSI-related medicalWork- and agency-related income exclusions.
SSI-related medicalIncome exclusions under federal statute or other state laws.
SSI-related medicalSpecial income disregards.
SSI-related medicalDeeming and allocation of income.
SSI-related medicalDeeming/allocation of income from nonapplying spouse.
SSI-related medicalDeeming income from an ineligible parent(s) to a child applying for SSI-related medical.
SSI-related medicalAllocating incomeHow the agency considers income and resources when determining eligibility for a person applying for noninstitutional Washington apple health (WAH) when another household member is receiving institutional WAH.