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Chapter 182-509 WAC


WAC Sections

Countable income for Washington apple health programs.
Washington apple healthHow resources are considered.
Modified adjusted gross income (MAGI).
MAGI incomePersons subject to the modified adjusted gross income (MAGI) methodology.
MAGI incomeTiming of income.
MAGI incomeOwnership of income.
MAGI incomeNoncountable income.
MAGI incomeUnearned income.
MAGI incomeEarned income.
MAGI incomeEducational benefits.
MAGI incomeAmerican Indian/Alaska Native excluded income.
MAGI incomeIncome from employment and training programs.
MAGI incomeNeeds-based assistance from other agencies or organizations.
MAGI incomeGifts and inheritances.
MAGI incomeHow the income of a child age eighteen or younger or a tax dependent is counted.
MAGI incomeSelf-employment income.
MAGI incomeHow self-employment income is counted.
MAGI incomeLump sums.
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