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Last Update: 11/4/15

Chapter 182-16 WAC


WAC Sections

AppealsPurpose and scope.
Where do members appeal decisions regarding eligibility, enrollment, premium payments, premium surcharges, a public employees benefits board (PEBB) wellness incentive, or the administration of benefits?
How can an employee or an employee's dependent appeal a decision made by a state agency about eligibility, premium surcharge, or enrollment in benefits?
How can a decision made by the public employees benefits board (PEBB) program regarding eligibility, enrollment, premium payments, premium surcharge, eligibility to participate in the PEBB wellness incentive program or receive a PEBB wellness incentive; or a decision made by an employer group regarding life insurance or LTD insurance be appealed?
How can a subscriber appeal a decision regarding the administration of wellness incentive program requirements?
How can an employee who is eligible to participate in the state's salary reduction plan appeal a decision regarding the administration of benefits offered under the state's salary reduction plan?
How can an entity or organization appeal a decision of the health care authority to deny an employer group application?
What should the request for review or notice of appeal contain?
How can an enrollee or entity request an administrative hearing if aggrieved by a decision made by the public employees benefits board (PEBB) appeals committee?
Requirements to appear and represent a party in the administrative hearing process.
Mailing address changes.
Presiding officersAssignment, motions of prejudice, and disqualification.
Authority of the presiding officer.
Applicable rules and laws.
Burden of proof and presumptions.
Calculating when a hearing deadline ends.
Time requirements for notices mailed by the presiding officer.
Hearing location.
Rescheduling and continuances.
Determining if an administrative hearing right exists.
Prehearing conferences.
Dispositive motions.
Orders of dismissalReinstating a hearing after an order of dismissal.
Settlement agreements.
Withdrawing the request for an administrative hearing.
Final order deadlineRequired information.
Motion for reconsideration and responseProcess.
Decisions on motions for reconsideration.
Judicial review of final order.
Index of significant decisions.