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Chapter 173-219 WAC


WAC Sections

Definitions, abbreviations, and acronyms.
Purpose and scope.
Direct enforceability.
Lead agency designation.
Agency requirements and responsibilities.
Permit required.
Applying for a reclaimed water permit.
Water rights protection.
Public access to information.
Public notice.
Public comment period.
Public hearing request.
Relationship with other ecology and health permits.
Regulatory action for noncompliance.
Preplanning and project application.
Feasibility analysis.
Timing and signature requirements.
Plan review and review standards.
Engineering report.
Plans and specifications.
Construction and declaration of construction.
Operations and maintenance.
Certified operators.
Monitoring, recording, and reporting.
Reclaimed water permit terms and conditions.
Fact sheet.
Use agreements.
Source control and pretreatment requirements.
Cross-connection control.
Class A and B reclaimed water.
Performance standards.
Disinfection process standards.
Treatment reliability standards.
Storage and distribution system requirements.
Maintenance of chlorine residual.
General use-based requirements.
Specific use-based requirements.
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