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Chapter 16-252 WAC


WAC Sections

Commercial feed regulated by this chapter.
The Code of Federal Regulation.
Commercial feed terms and definitions.
Feed ingredient names and definitions.
Label information and recordkeeping requirements.
Product or brand name label information required.
Additional label information required when a drug is used.
Exemptions from the guarantees required in WAC 16-252-061 and 16-252-062.
Guarantees for pet food.
Guarantees for specialty pet food.
Guarantees for grain mixture specialty pet food, with or without molasses.
Expression of guarantees—Expressed as is.
Expression of guarantees—Sliding-scale method prohibited.
Expression of guarantees—Protein, amino acids, fat, and fiber in specialty pet food.
Expression of guarantees—Minerals in specialty pet food.
Expression of guarantees—Minimum vitamin content in specialty pet food.
Expression of guarantees—Pet food and specialty pet food containing drugs.
Expression of guarantees and special requirements—Pet food and specialty pet food containing any added nonprotein nitrogen.
Expression of guarantees—Microorganisms and enzymes.
Substantiating nutritional suitability.
Ingredient statement terms.
Drug and feed additive requirements.
"Directions for use" and "precautionary statement" requirements.
Adulteration of pet food and specialty pet food.
Use of artificial coloring.
Reusing bags, totes, and containers.
Tonnage fee required.
Registration requirements.
Label submission requirements.
Good manufacturing practices adopted.
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