Feed ingredient statement terms and recordkeeping requirements.

Feed ingredients listed on the label or on file at the plant producing the product must comply with the following:
(1) The name of each ingredient must conform to one of the following:
(a) Ingredients must have an official definition in the AAFCO official publication;
(b) If there is no official definition for an ingredient in the AAFCO official publication, then an ingredient with an AAFCO tentative definition may be used;
(c) The ingredient is defined in WAC 16-250-015; or
(d) The ingredient has a commonly accepted name that requires no definition, for example, sugar.
(2) Collective terms for the grouping of feed ingredients must be those defined in the Association of American Feed Control Officials official publication. However, when a collective term for a group of ingredients is used on a label:
(a) Individual ingredients within that group must not be listed on the label; and
(b) When requested the manufacturer must give the department a list of individual ingredients, within a defined group, that are or have been used at manufacturing facilities distributing the commercial feed in Washington state. These records must be available to the department for inspection and copying for at least one year after the last date of distribution of the commercial feed.
(3) Ingredients on labels must be listed in descending order by weight.
(4) The specific amount of each ingredient does not need to be listed on the label.
(5) A single ingredient product, as defined by the Association of American Feed Control Officials official publication, does not need an ingredient statement.
(6) The names of all listed ingredients must be shown in the same size of letters and type.
(7) Commercial, copyrighted, brand, or trade names must not be used in the ingredient statement.
(8) No reference to quality or grade of an ingredient may appear in the ingredient statement.
(9) The term "dehydrated" may precede the name of any product that has been artificially dried.
(10) When the word "iodized" is used in connection with a feed ingredient, the ingredient must contain at least 0.007% iodine, uniformly distributed.
(11) The term "degermed" must precede the name of any product from which germs were wholly or partially removed.
(12) If a drug is used, the drug does not have to be listed in the ingredient statement. However, the drug name is required to be listed on the label (see WAC 16-250-030 and 16-250-035).
(13) Unless meat and meat by-products are made from cattle, swine, sheep or goats, the terms "meat" and "meat by-products" must specifically identify the animal from which they are derived.
[Statutory Authority: Chapters 15.53 and 34.05 RCW. WSR 05-18-094, § 16-250-090, filed 9/7/05, effective 10/8/05; WSR 03-23-128, § 16-250-090, filed 11/19/03, effective 7/1/04.]
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