Chapter 16-250 WAC

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WAC Sections

16-250-005Commercial feed regulated by this chapter.
16-250-007The Code of Federal Regulation.
16-250-010Commercial feed terms and definitions.
16-250-015Feed ingredient names and definitions.
16-250-018Customer-formula feed labeling required.
16-250-020Label information and recordkeeping requirements for customer-formula feed.
16-250-028Commercial feed labeling required except customer-formula feed.
16-250-030Recordkeeping requirements and label information required on all commercial feed labels except customer-formula feed.
16-250-035Format required for all commercial feed labels except customer-formula feed.
16-250-040Product or brand name label information required for all commercial feeds except customer-formula feed.
16-250-042Label information required when a drug is used in commercial feed.
16-250-045Purpose of feed statement requirements for commercial feed, except grain mixture feeds.
16-250-050Guarantee requirements that apply to WAC 16-250-052 through 16-250-065.
16-250-051Exemptions from the guarantees required in WAC 16-250-052 through 16-250-063.
16-250-052Guarantees for all swine commercial feed except customer-formula feed.
16-250-053Guarantees for all poultry commercial feed (broilers, layers and turkeys) except customer-formula feed.
16-250-054Guarantees for all beef cattle commercial feed except customer-formula feed.
16-250-055Guarantees for all dairy cattle commercial feed except customer-formula feed.
16-250-056Guarantees for all equine commercial feed except customer-formula feed.
16-250-057Guarantees for all goat and sheep commercial feed except customer-formula feed.
16-250-058Guarantees for all duck and goose commercial feed except customer-formula feed.
16-250-059Guarantees for all fish commercial feed except customer-formula feed and specialty pet food.
16-250-060Guarantees for all rabbit commercial feed except customer-formula feed.
16-250-063Guarantees for commercial feeds for animal species not specified in WAC 16-250-052 through 16-250-060 or in chapter 16-252 WAC, except customer-formula feed.
16-250-065Guarantees for grain mixture commercial feeds, except customer-formula feed.
16-250-067Guarantees for commercial feed sold primarily for sugar content.
16-250-068Guarantees for vitamin/mineral premix and base mix commercial feed.
16-250-069Expression of guarantees—Expressed as is.
16-250-070Expression of guarantees—Sliding-scale method prohibited.
16-250-071Expression of guarantees—Protein, amino acids, fat, and fiber.
16-250-072Expression of guarantees—Minerals.
16-250-073Expression of guarantees—Minimum vitamin content.
16-250-074Expression of guarantees—Drugs.
16-250-075Expression of guarantees and special requirements—Commercial feeds containing any added nonprotein nitrogen.
16-250-076Expression of guarantees—Microorganisms and enzymes.
16-250-080Substantiating nutritional suitability of commercial feed except for customer-formula feed.
16-250-090Feed ingredient statement terms and recordkeeping requirements.
16-250-095Drug and feed additive requirements.
16-250-100Directions for use and precautionary statement requirements.
16-250-120Adulteration of feed.
16-250-140Use of artificial coloring.
16-250-150Reusing bags, totes, and containers.
16-250-155Tonnage fee requirements.
16-250-160Commercial feed license application requirements.
16-250-170Commercial feed label submission requirements.
16-250-180Good manufacturing practices adopted.
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