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Chapter 16-08 WAC


WAC Sections

Purpose of this chapter.
Dairy nutrient management program appeals.
The department of agriculture adopts the model rules of procedure.
Presiding officer.
Consolidation of proceedings.
Request for hearing—Filing.
Discovery—Authority of presiding officer.
Depositions in adjudicative proceedings—Right to take.
Depositions in adjudicative proceedings—Scope.
Depositions in adjudicative proceedings—Officer before whom taken.
Depositions in adjudicative proceedings—Notice.
Depositions and interrogatories in adjudicative proceedings—Protection of parties and deponents.
Depositions in adjudicative proceedings—Use and effect.
Depositions in adjudicative proceedings—Fees of officers and deponents.
Adjudicative proceedings—Petition for review and replies.
Brief adjudicative proceedingsApplicability.
Brief adjudicative proceedingsFiling.
Brief adjudicative proceedingsProcedure.
Brief adjudicative proceedingsDecisions.
Brief adjudicative proceedingsAdministrative review.
Brief adjudicative proceedingsAgency record.
Emergency adjudicative proceedings.
Conversion of proceedings.
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