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Chapter 132Q-10 WAC


WAC Sections

Standards of conduct for studentsPreamble.
Decisions and appeals.
Jurisdiction of the standards of conduct for students.
Violation of law and standards of student conduct.
Responsibility for guests.
Students studying abroad.
Group conduct.
MisconductViolations of the standards of conduct for students.
Academic dishonesty and ethical violations.
Competence to profit from curriculum offerings.
Disruption or obstruction.
Abuse of self.
Assault, intimidation, bullying, verbal threats.
Theft or damage to property.
Failure to comply with college officials.
Unauthorized keys or unauthorized entry.
Violation of CCS policy, procedure, rule, regulation, or behavioral contract.
Violation of law.
Drugs, controlled substances, and marijuana.
Use of tobacco, electronic cigarettes and related products.
Firearms and dangerous weapons.
Disorderly conduct.
Unauthorized use of electronic or other devices.
Abuse or theft of CCS information technology.
Abuse of the student conduct system.
Sexual harassment.
Sexually violent conduct.
Reckless endangerment.
Violation of a disciplinary sanction.
Aiding others.
Process to file complaints.
Initial review of complaints.
Disposition of misconduct complaints by the student conduct officer.
Notice to the accused student of complaint.
Student conduct officer disciplinary proceedings.
Interim suspension and other restrictions.
Student conduct board proceedings.
Student conduct board decision and notification.
Student conduct administrative panel proceedings.
Student conduct administrative panel decision and notification.
Appeals of misconductReview of decision.
Disciplinary sanctions.
Classroom misconduct and authority to suspend for up to three days.
Additional procedural requirements for sexually violent conduct matters.
Supplemental procedures for allegations of sexually violent conduct.
Supplemental appeal rights for alleged sexually violent conduct.
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