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Chapter 132F-121 WAC


WAC Sections

Statement of values.
Definitions and general provisions.
Student rights, freedoms, and responsibilities.
Student organizations.
Journalistic freedom and responsibility.
Student use of the district/college name.
Student complaints generally.
Informal processing of complaints.
Formal processing of complaints.
Additional provisions for grade complaints.
Student conduct generally.
Student misconduct.
Instructor sanctions for course work dishonesty or classroom misconduct.
Disciplinary jurisdiction.
Initiation of discipline.
Vice president's review and action.
Disciplinary actions.
Appeals and referrals generally.
Student conduct committee.
Student conduct committee hearingsIn general.
Student conduct committee hearingsPresentations of evidence.
Student conduct committee initial order.
President's review and final college order.
Reestablishment of academic standing after successful appeal.
Reinstatement after suspension or expulsion.
Summary suspensions.
Maintenance of student discipline records.
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