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Chapter 9A.44 RCW


RCW Sections

9A.44.020Testimony -- Evidence -- Written motion -- Admissibility.
9A.44.030Defenses to prosecution under this chapter.
9A.44.040Rape in the first degree.
9A.44.045First degree rape -- Penalties.
9A.44.050Rape in the second degree.
9A.44.060Rape in the third degree.
9A.44.073Rape of a child in the first degree.
9A.44.076Rape of a child in the second degree.
9A.44.079Rape of a child in the third degree.
9A.44.083Child molestation in the first degree.
9A.44.086Child molestation in the second degree.
9A.44.089Child molestation in the third degree.
9A.44.093Sexual misconduct with a minor in the first degree.
9A.44.096Sexual misconduct with a minor in the second degree.
9A.44.100Indecent liberties.
9A.44.105Sexually violating human remains.
9A.44.120Admissibility of child's statement -- Conditions.
9A.44.128Definitions applicable to RCW 9A.44.130 through 9A.44.145, 10.01.200, 43.43.540, 70.48.470, and72.09.330 .
9A.44.130Registration of sex offenders and kidnapping offenders -- Procedures -- Definition -- Penalties.
9A.44.132Failure to register as sex offender or kidnapping offender.
9A.44.135Address verification.
9A.44.138Attendance, employment of registered sex offenders and kidnapping offenders at institutions of higher education -- Notice to school districts, principal, department of public safety at institution -- Confidentiality.
9A.44.140Registration of sex offenders and kidnapping offenders -- Duty to register.
9A.44.141Investigation -- End of duty to register -- Removal from registry -- Civil liability.
9A.44.142Relief from duty to register -- Petition -- Exceptions.
9A.44.143Relief from duty to register for sex offense or kidnapping offense committed when offender was a juvenile -- Petition -- Exception.
9A.44.145Notification to offenders of changed requirements and ability to petition for relief from registration.
9A.44.150Testimony of child by closed-circuit television.
9A.44.160Custodial sexual misconduct in the first degree.
9A.44.170Custodial sexual misconduct in the second degree.
9A.44.180Custodial sexual misconduct -- Defense.
9A.44.190Criminal trespass against children -- Definitions.
9A.44.193Criminal trespass against children -- Covered entities.
9A.44.196Criminal trespass against children.
9A.44.900Decodifications and additions to this chapter.
9A.44.901Construction -- Sections decodified and added to this chapter.
9A.44.902Effective date -- 1979 ex.s. c 244.
9A.44.903Section captions -- 1988 c 145.
9A.44.904Construction -- Chapter applicable to state registered domestic partnerships -- 2009 c 521.

Council for children and families: Chapter 43.121 RCW.

Witnesses: Rules of court: ER 601 through 615.