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Chapter 9A.16 RCW


RCW Sections

9A.16.020Use of force -- When lawful.
9A.16.030Homicide -- When excusable.
9A.16.040Justifiable homicide or use of deadly force by public officer, peace officer, person aiding.
9A.16.050Homicide -- By other person -- When justifiable.
9A.16.080Action for being detained on mercantile establishment premises for investigation -- "Reasonable grounds" as defense.
9A.16.100Use of force on children -- Policy -- Actions presumed unreasonable.
9A.16.110Defending against violent crime -- Reimbursement.
9A.16.120Outdoor music festival, campground -- Detention.
9A.16.900Construction -- Chapter applicable to state registered domestic partnerships -- 2009 c 521.