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Chapter 90.58 RCW


RCW Sections

90.58.010Short title.
90.58.020Legislative findings -- State policy enunciated -- Use preference.
90.58.030Definitions and concepts.
90.58.040Program applicable to shorelines of the state.
90.58.045Environmental excellence program agreements -- Effect on chapter.
90.58.050Program as cooperative between local government and state -- Responsibilities differentiated.
90.58.060Review and adoption of guidelines -- Public hearings, notice of -- Amendments.
90.58.065Application of guidelines and master programs to agricultural activities.
90.58.070Local governments to submit letters of intent -- Department to act upon failure of local government.
90.58.080Timetable for local governments to develop or amend master programs -- Review of master programs -- Grants.
90.58.090Approval of master program or segments or amendments -- Procedure -- Departmental alternatives when shorelines of statewide significance -- Later adoption of master program supersedes departmental program.
90.58.100Programs as constituting use regulations -- Duties when preparing programs and amendments thereto -- Program contents.
90.58.110Development of program within two or more adjacent local government jurisdictions -- Development of program in segments, when.
90.58.120Adoption of rules, programs, etc., subject to RCW 34.05.310 through 34.05.395 -- Public hearings, notice of -- Public inspection after approval or adoption.
90.58.130Involvement of all persons and entities having interest, means.
90.58.140Development permits -- Grounds for granting -- Administration by local government, conditions -- Applications -- Notices -- Rescission -- Approval when permit for variance or conditional use.
90.58.143Time requirements -- Substantial development permits, variances, conditional use permits.
90.58.147Substantial development permit -- Exemption for projects to improve fish or wildlife habitat or fish passage.
90.58.150Selective commercial timber cutting, when.
90.58.160Prohibition against surface drilling for oil or gas, where.
90.58.170Shorelines hearings board -- Established -- Members -- Chair -- Quorum for decision -- Expenses of members.
90.58.175Rules and regulations.
90.58.180Review of granting, denying, or rescinding permits by shorelines hearings board -- Board to act -- Local government appeals to board -- Grounds for declaring rule, regulation, or guideline invalid -- Appeals to court.
90.58.185Appeals involving single-family residences, involving penalties of fifteen thousand dollars or less, or other designated cases -- Composition of board -- Rules to expedite appeals.
90.58.190Appeal of department's decision to adopt or amend a master program.
90.58.195Shoreline master plan review -- Local governments with coastal waters or coastal shorelines.
90.58.200Rules and regulations.
90.58.210Court actions to ensure against conflicting uses and to enforce -- Civil penalty -- Review.
90.58.220General penalty.
90.58.230Violators liable for damages resulting from violation -- Attorney's fees and costs.
90.58.240Additional authority granted department and local governments.
90.58.250Intent -- Department to cooperate with local governments -- Grants for development of master programs.
90.58.260State to represent its interest before federal agencies, interstate agencies and courts.
90.58.270Nonapplication to certain structures, docks, developments, etc., placed in navigable waters -- Nonapplication to certain rights of action, authority -- Floating homes and floating on-water residences must be classified as a conforming preferred use.
90.58.280Application to all state agencies, counties, public and municipal corporations.
90.58.290Restrictions as affecting fair market value of property.
90.58.300Department as regulating state agency -- Special authority.
90.58.310Designation of shorelines of statewide significance by legislature -- Recommendation by director, procedure.
90.58.320Height limitation respecting permits.
90.58.340Use policies for land adjacent to shorelines, development of.
90.58.350Nonapplication to treaty rights.
90.58.355Persons not required to obtain certain permits or variances.
90.58.360Existing requirements for permits, certificates, etc., not obviated.
90.58.370Processing of permits or authorizations for emergency water withdrawal and facilities to be expedited.
90.58.380Adoption of wetland manual.
90.58.515Watershed restoration projects -- Exemption.
90.58.550Oil or natural gas exploration in marine waters -- Definitions -- Application for permit -- Requirements -- Review -- Enforcement.
90.58.560Oil or natural gas exploration -- Violations of RCW 90.58.550 -- Penalty -- Appeal.
90.58.570Consultation before responding to federal coastal zone management certificates.
90.58.580Shoreline restoration projects -- Relief from shoreline master program development standards and use regulations.
90.58.590Local governments authorized to adopt moratoria -- Requirements -- Public hearing.
90.58.600Conformance with chapter 43.97 RCW required.
90.58.610Relationship between shoreline master programs and development regulations under growth management act governed by RCW 36.70A.480.
90.58.620New or amended master programs -- Authorized provisions.
90.58.900Liberal construction -- 1971 ex.s. c 286.
90.58.910Severability -- 1971 ex.s. c 286.
90.58.911Severability -- 1983 c 138.
90.58.920Effective date -- 1971 ex.s. c 286.

Marine oil pollution -- Baseline study program: RCW 43.21A.405 through 43.21A.420.