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Chapter 9.41 RCW


RCW Sections

9.41.010Terms defined.
9.41.040Unlawful possession of firearms -- Ownership, possession by certain persons -- Restoration of right to possess -- Penalties.
9.41.042Children -- Permissible firearm possession.
9.41.045Possession by offenders.
9.41.047Restoration of possession rights.
9.41.050Carrying firearms.
9.41.060Exceptions to restrictions on carrying firearms.
9.41.065Correctional employees -- Effect of exemption from firearms restrictions -- Liability limited.
9.41.070Concealed pistol license -- Application -- Fee -- Renewal.
9.41.073Concealed pistol license -- Reciprocity.
9.41.075Concealed pistol license -- Revocation.
9.41.080Delivery to ineligible persons.
9.41.090Dealer deliveries regulated -- Hold on delivery.
9.41.092Licensed dealer deliveries -- Background checks.
9.41.094Waiver of confidentiality.
9.41.097Supplying information on persons purchasing pistols or applying for concealed pistol licenses.
9.41.0975Officials and agencies -- Immunity, writ of mandamus.
9.41.098Forfeiture of firearms -- Disposition -- Confiscation.
9.41.100Dealer licensing and registration required.
9.41.110Dealer's licenses, by whom granted, conditions, fees -- Employees, fingerprinting and background checks -- Wholesale sales excepted -- Permits prohibited.
9.41.113Firearm sales or transfers -- Background checks -- Requirements -- Exceptions.
9.41.115Penalties -- Violations of RCW 9.41.113.
9.41.120Firearms as loan security.
9.41.122Out-of-state purchasing.
9.41.124Purchasing by nonresidents.
9.41.129Recordkeeping requirements.
9.41.135Verification of licenses and registration -- Notice to federal government.
9.41.137Department of licensing, authority to adopt rules -- Reporting of violations -- Authority to revoke licenses.
9.41.140Alteration of identifying marks -- Exceptions.
9.41.171Alien possession of firearms -- Requirements -- Penalty.
9.41.173Alien possession of firearms -- Alien firearm license -- Political subdivisions may not modify requirements -- Penalty for false statement.
9.41.175Alien possession of firearms -- Possession without license -- Conditions.
9.41.185Coyote getters.
9.41.190Unlawful firearms -- Exceptions.
9.41.220Unlawful firearms and parts contraband.
9.41.225Use of machine gun in felony -- Penalty.
9.41.230Aiming or discharging firearms, dangerous weapons.
9.41.240Possession of pistol by person from eighteen to twenty-one.
9.41.250Dangerous weapons -- Penalty.
9.41.251Dangerous weapons -- Application of restrictions to law enforcement, firefighting, rescue, and military personnel.
9.41.260Dangerous exhibitions.
9.41.270Weapons apparently capable of producing bodily harm -- Unlawful carrying or handling -- Penalty -- Exceptions.
9.41.280Possessing dangerous weapons on school facilities -- Penalty -- Exceptions.
9.41.290State preemption.
9.41.300Weapons prohibited in certain places -- Local laws and ordinances -- Exceptions -- Penalty.
9.41.310Information pamphlet.
9.41.330Felony firearm offenders -- Determination of registration.
9.41.333Duty to register -- Requirements.
9.41.335Failure to register as felony firearm offender.
9.41.800Surrender of weapons or licenses -- Prohibition on future possession or licensing.
9.41.802Proof of surrender and receipt pattern form -- Declaration of nonsurrender pattern form -- Administrative office of the courts to develop.
9.41.804Proof of surrender and receipt form, declaration of nonsurrender form -- Requirement to file with clerk of the court.

Carrying loaded rifle or shotgun in vehicle: RCW 77.15.460.

Explosives: Chapter 70.74 RCW.

Possessing a stolen firearm: RCW 9A.56.310.

Shooting firearm from, across, or along public highway: RCW 77.15.460.

Theft of a firearm: RCW 9A.56.300.