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Chapter 84.26 RCW


RCW Sections

84.26.010Legislative findings.
84.26.030Special valuation criteria.
84.26.040Application -- Fees.
84.26.050Referral of application to local review board -- Agreement -- Approval or denial.
84.26.060Notice to assessor of approval -- Certification and filing -- Notation of special valuation.
84.26.080Duration of special valuation -- Notice of disqualification.
84.26.090Disqualification for valuation -- Additional tax -- Lien -- Exceptions from additional tax.
84.26.100Payment of additional tax -- Distribution.
84.26.110Special valuation -- Request for assistance from state historic preservation officer authorized.
84.26.130Appeals from decisions on applications.
84.26.900Severability -- 1985 c 449.